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intercultural & Intergenerational connections

Kyrgyz Association youth volunteer at the Jewish Seniors Citizens Centre. Jewish seniors share knowledge, wisdom and culture with younger generations. Youth have opportunities to acquire wisdom and culture from seniors as well as to interact, teach senior about technologies, social applications and contribute to the well-being of seniors.

Spring and Fall Picnics

The main purposes of both the Spring and Fall picnics are to arrange a joint meeting place for Kyrgyz community members:

  • to socialize with each other;
  • to  find new friends and establish connections;
  • show Kyrgyz traditions;
  •   to play Kyrgyz national games;
  •  to conduct master class on preparing Kyrgyz national dishes for our friends.

By playing national games we can our ural heritage and involve our community members, our friends from another ethnicities as well as kids into dynamic and exciting Kyrgyz national games as arkan tartmai, racing and jumping over the rope. Our guests enjoy the magic of cooking popular Kyrgyz dishes as plov and dymdama. Dishes were prepared on an open fire, that gives a special delicious taste to the food. For our friends and guests we prepared the special stand and informational booklets, illustrating the main facts about Kyrgyzstan, its beautiful landscapes and traditions. 

The events contribute a lot to our social life, as we could enjoy incredibly our time outdoors with our friends and kids. Community members make new connections and meet new people. Every time we try to tell about our cultural heritage.  It is a great opportunity for us to arrange such a productive get together for our small community and share information about our organization. 

New year and nooruz celebrations

New Year  and Nooruz celebration parties are one  the biggest events for Kyrgyz community members, their families and friends. It is an opportunity to socialize, find new friends and establish connections. During these events we:

  •  tell our friends, who never been in Kyrgyzstan, about our country and cultural heritage.;
  • participate in entertainment games and dancing flash-mobs; 
  • taste Kyrgyz tradition food; 
  • dance traditional dances;
  • sing traditional songs;
  • prepare special  entertainment program for children with New Year characters- Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. Kids play games, dance, sing, tell poems, walking around the Christmas Tree (khorovod);
  • show PowerPoint presentation about Kyrgyzstan (culture and history) for our friends and children, to raise their awareness about Kyrgyzstan.

kyrgyz folk dancing group

Kyrgyz Association had organized a folk dancing group that performed at the various multicultural events: the Calgary Stampede, Carassauga Festival of Cultures, Ontario (analogue of Heritage Festival in Alberta), Edmonton Multicultural festival on Churchill Square, Serbian Culture Days, Alberta Culture Days at the West Edmonton Seniors Centre, Jewish Senior Citizens Centre and many other events.

yoga sessions

Kyrgyz Association in Canada provides yoga sessions for community members, their families and friends.