Who We Are

Our Mission

Kyrgyz Association in Canada aims:

  • To welcome newcomers from the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as Central Asian, Turkic- and Slavic-speaking countries, and provide support and assistance to integrate culturally, economically and linguistically into Canadian society
  • To preserve and promote Kyrgyz culture and traditions in Canada for future generations
  • To develop, promote, and host or partner in the delivery of educational, literary, and charitable, events and activities across a wide range of age groups
  • To facilitate communication among Kyrgyz communities in Canada’s various provinces and territories. The Association helps to establish and develop personal, business, and cultural ties between Kyrgyz people in Canada.

program and services Overview

Kyrgyz Association in Canada provides cultural services in the form of a variety of multicultural and intergenerational events: picnics, Nooruz and Christmas/New Year celebrations, activities with seniors centres and various communities.  Informal education and awareness on adapting to Canadian society has been provided by individual members on an ad hoc basis.